Currently, the primary product resulting from the MoTIF research project is the mLearning Design Reference Model. This model embodies and integrates mobile learning constraints and best practices at the fundamental level of the design process itself, leading the ISD to consider using alternative learning approaches, unique mobile device capabilities, and leveraging context and usage patterns of users in ways that desktop DL and classroom learning do not usually address. The model is designed as a support tool for ISDs, with flowcharts and outlines guiding the user through process.

A working group formed by the MoTIF team collectively designed and developed this reference model, using the collective wisdom of members of the learning, education, and training community who have a stake in designing mobile learning. This working group was started by the ADL MoTIF team, led by Senior Instructional Designer Peter Berking of the Alexandria, VA ADL office. The first round of 4 meetings to solicit community input completed January 12, 2015. A meeting hiatus ensued in order for the ADL team to have time to produce a beta version that incorporated the group's feedback. The working group meetings have now been restarted to test and refine the product in order to make it a useful (and free) support tool for mobile learning practitioners. Please register on this site to join the working group and receive communications about meetings.

Version 1.10 of the mLearning Design Reference Model (an interactive, standalone PowerPoint application) is available at the following link:
Important: do not try to run the file from the server. Download it first and run it from your computer.

If interested, view a log of changes.

The date of next meeting of the working group is currently TBD. If you are a member of this site, you will be notified of it as soon as it is scheduled.

The MoTIF Needs Assessment report is now available! This report follows last year’s Survey Report and summarizes the information and insights we have gleaned through literature reviews, focus groups, and survey data to inform and direct the next phase of the project. In order to justify the development of a mobile learning framework for instructional designers, we conducted this in-depth needs assessment to best understand the current challenges and perspectives of the education and training community. 

Stay tuned for the next phase, in which we will collaborative with the community to design interventions to address the gaps identified in the needs assessment. 

You can download the report here:

If you have any comments or feedback regarding the survey report please contact us

 The Mobile Learning Survey Report for the MoTIF project is now available! You can download it here:

The report is full of valuable information and insights to help us with the needs assessment and the next phases of the project. It also has contains valuable information for those of you looking for research data on mobile learning uses and preferences. Thank you to everyone that participated in the survey! We had 831 respondents from the global mobile learning community.

If you have any comments or feedback regarding the survey report please contact us