Mobile learning is a new educational technology and introduces both exciting capabilities and complexity into the learning design process, but with very few guidelines. The MoTIF project will explore new types of learning and instructional design approaches that take advantage of the capabilities of the mobile platform. The MoTIF project will result in interventions such as strategies, materials, products, and guidelines as solutions, but will also advance our knowledge about the characteristics of these interventions and the processes involved in designing and developing them. 

What is the problem (gap) this project is aimed at solving or the objective it is trying to accomplish?
 Many education and training practitioners are creating new mobile content and converting existing eLearning courses without consideration of:

  • supporting alternative learning methods (e.g., augmented reality, spaced learning, performance support);
  • leveraging the capabilities of the mobile platform (e.g., camera, sensors, GPS)

Mobile learning is not about simply shrinking distributed learning courses down to fit the smaller screen sizes of smartphones and tablets. As a growing number of mobile innovations become available in the learning space, education and training technology thought leaders are also interested in how to effectively design for a variety of mobile learning scenarios beyond self-paced training courses. 

This project is specifically focused on exploring the intersection of multiple design and research methods in order better understand - and potentially influence - how education and training practitioners can best utilize and leverage mobile-based technology to optimally design both informal and formal learning solutions.

We will include a broad sweep of community opinion and involvement to ensure that the results of this effort have durability and traction in the global learning space. We welcome your participation and encourage you to join and interact with this community. Social interaction and community input & feedback are the key drivers for the success of this project.